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This is the official OPTEC Alnitak Case upgrade.  I’ve worked with OPTEC engineers to modify the firmware and drivers to allow 270 degree rotation and partnered with OPTEC to be the recommended upgrade path for your existing OPTEC Alnitak product.

The Alnitak 270 is a case upgrade that will allow your Flip Flat to open a full 270 degrees to get the panel away from the front of your objective and place it safely in line with your telescope tube.  Additionally, this product includes a solution to allow you to stop using a zip tie style mounting.

The custom dew shield ring is bolted to the Alnitak 270 Case.  If you have more than one scope that you will use your Flip Flat with, you can order additional mounting rings for easy swapping between scopes.

Produced out of a polycarbonate carbon fiber blend (PCCF) the Alnitak 270 is light and durable, withstands high temperatures as well as moisture, and has the fit an finish of a premium product.  Simply put, the Alnitak 270 is beautifully made.

***A note on size:  Most people have the standard size light panel.  For very large aperture scopes, OPTEC offers a black extension ring that makes the panel housing a little larger in diameter.  This blocks potential stray light from getting around the panel for very large aperture scopes.  If you have this extension ring on your panel, please select XL.  The XL body is slightly longer and has additional modifications to accommodate this larger panel profile.

Please note:  The wires for the lamp need to be extended for this new board/panel/motor configuration.  If you want a full service upgrade, you can send your Flip Flat to me and I will move the parts into the new housing and splice in lamp wire extensions.  I highly recommend that you select this option. I do include instructions for you if you wish to perform the service yourself, however most people require additional technical support from me when they perform this service themselves.  Old washers might need to be replaced, and old loctite can be very hard to remove.  It takes me a full hour to perform the service, and that is with experience. It may take you much longer, and some people end up sending them back to me anyways.  I will perform the service, test out the unit and return with firmware updated and the unit will be turn-key ready.


Please see this YouTube video: Alnitak 270 Upgrade in Action


Included in this kit:

  • Alnitak 270 Case Upgrade
  • Lamp wire extension
  • Wire clip and screws
  • Custom dew shield ring for your telescope

The custom dew shield ring is also produced out of PCCF, and has a ring liner made of TPU which is a flexible soft material to contact your dew shield.  The ring is removable from the Alnitak 270 case, which allows you to buy more scope rings easily swap your device from one scope to another.


*Please be aware that dust, pollen and other debris can collect around the dew shield ring.  Over time, this can be abrasive and leave signs of wear.  This is true for anything strapped to the tube of an telescope whether it is your scope rings or the original OPTEC zip tie that you currently use for mounting your Alnitak Flip Flat.  Any signs of wear that this product may leave are considered normal and we can’t be responsible for this.  


Ordering notes:

  1. For the custom ring, I may need some measurements if I have not done that model before.  Let me know what your scope is and I will follow-up via email.
  2. The dew shield ring is set back from the end of the telescope to ensure there are no mounting problems for scopes that have a metal ring at the end of the dew shield.  If you have a large ring let me know and I will make sure it clears.  (See product photos for more info)
  3. I do recommend that you send your Flip Flat to me for the upgrade service.  The lamp wires need to be extended to accommodate the new circuit board position, and with some models old cork washers on the motor shaft need to be replaced.  I’ll also upgrade your firmware, test out the unit and include insurance for the return shipping. (Most people require technical support when performing the service on their own, so it is best to send your unit to me.)

The Alnitak 270 is a custom item.  Turn around time is 7 to 10 days if you have me perform the upgrade service and 5 to 7 days if I’m just producing the parts and you will perform the service.


You will need to update your firmware and driver.  If I perform the upgrade service for you, you may skip to step 7.

Visit OPTEC to download the latest driver release:

Here are the steps:

Step 1-  Download and install the ASCOM driver

Step 2- Open the Alnitak Controller app

Step 3- Connect Flip Flat

Step 4- Click File à Update Firmware

Step 5- Click Auto Download

Step 6- Update FW

Step 7- Close and Go Back to Alnitak Controller app and click Setup

Step 8- Toggle the Reverse Motor Setting

Now you are ready to use the Alnitak 270 Upgrade Case!

Additional information


Standard Light Panel, XL (With Black Extension Ring)

Upgrade Service

Yes, I will send my Flip Flat to you, No, I will perform the parts swap myself

Second Scope Mounting Ring

No, I only need one telescope ring, Yes, I need an additional telescope mounting ring


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