Upgrade Kit for Alnitak: Dew Shield Dust Cover for Epsilon


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This unit is an integrated dew shield with a dust and light tight cover.  As long as you have an existing OPTEC Alnitak device, you can use the motor and board to power this automated solution for Epsilon e160ED.  I can perform the upgrade as a service, or just ship you the parts and you can do it yourself.

Printed out of PETG-CF for functional strength and a beautiful fit and finish.

****I designed this dew shield for my Epsilon e160ed.  The concept would work fine for any size Epsilon Scope.  I may need some measurements from you if you are using the 130 or 180.****


Additional information

Scope Model

Epsilon e160ed, Epsilon 130, Epsilon 180, Rasa 8, Rasa 11

Upgrade Service

Yes, I will send my Alnitak to you, No, I will perform the parts swap myself


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