Upgraded Camera Base w/Focuser for Pegasus Indigo OAG


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The Pegasus Indigo OAG is a large prism OAG with a very narrow backspacing profile.  It is ideal when OAG’s with helical focusers have too wide of a profile for your image train. This upgrade retains the slim profile of stock Indigo OAG.

This upgrade adds several features to the stock Pegasus Indigo OAG.

  1. More robust camera holder that securely locks your guide camera in place regardless of how high you raise the camera.
  2. Locking thumbscrew does not contact the guide camera, so it will NOT mar the surface of your camera.
  3. Integrated non-rotating focuser with 0.5mm precision per rotation for precise focusing of your guide camera.

You MUST already own the Pegasus Indigo OAG for this upgrade kit to be useful.  This product is not a full OAG, it is an upgrade for existing owners.

Produced out of poly-carbonate infused with carbon fiber (PCCF)



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