UPBV2 Piggyback Cable Management System


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The UPBV2 Piggyback Cable Management System is designed to keep all of your excess cabling in one place, directly on top of your Pegasus UPBV2 Powerbox.  No more bundles of cables zip tied or velcroed all over your equipment.  Clean up your rig, and simply wind your excess cables around the post of the Piggyback.  No more cable snags, it’s just a clean purpose built method for stowing all that cabling.


Printed out of PCCF it is light and tough. Included are a set of 20mm standouts and 40mm standouts depending on how much cable you need to wind up.  You would be surprised what you can fit in there with 20mm standouts!  Seen in this image is a dew strap cable, power and USB cable for focuser, power and USB cable for camera, USB for filterwheel and there’s even room if I used a guidecamera or any other accessory.


There is even a mount for the UPBV2 environmental sensor.   This will work great no matter how you mount your UPBV2 Powerbox, and makes an excellent accessory to our UPBV2 Side Saddle Mount.


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